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There is an important saying in the world of professional singers: 

“Whoever breathes well, sings well.”  

Working on our breath is not only fundamental for every singer, but everyone can improve the quality of life by improving their breath. 

 When we are young children, our breath is full and round.  As we grow up, that free breath often gets shortened and less flexible. Confronted with life’s stresses, emotions that we struggle to contain, and even trauma, we unconsciously learn to hold and interfere with that natural flow. Over time we find ourselves with less freedom of breath and expression. This is why it is important to train the breath, to make it functional again as it was when we were born.

 The breath is therefore a conscious tool that can be used to achieve harmony and balance in our daily lives. It increases energy levels and physical detoxification (75% of toxins are eliminated through breathing), it improves our respiratory capacity and blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, regulates digestion, and even balances our sleep rhythm.

A free and healthy breath relieves stress, improves concentration and clarity, helps in the re-establishment of priorities, and aides in awakening motivation towards one’s goals.

 It allows us to explore and integrate unresolved emotions, helping us to regain serenity, enthusiasm, and energy.  When we unconsciously block our breath, to avoid the intensity of an unpleasant experience, we also block and deactivate our emotions which are stored in the body. Increasing awareness and having access to the full range of our emotions is vital for any artist, and extremely beneficial in living a fuller, richer life.

 It takes a great deal of energy (conscious or unconscious) to block one’s emotions which, all too frequently, leads to states of chronic tension and even pain. It also greatly limits one’s capacity for feeling all the positive emotions of such as joy, connection, fulfillment, and freedom.

In my personal experience, having an intimate knowledge and understanding of the correct functioning of the breath, is the key to a healthy expression, singing, speaking, connecting, and above all, a healthy life. 

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